Toro kernel

A dedicated kernel for multi-threading applications.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Compiling and Running Tests by using Lazarus 1.6.2

Hi folks! I am spending some time working on Lazarus and making all tests examples to compile and run directly from Lazarus. For the moment, I am only working on Windows 10. So far I managed to:
1. Compile ToroHello.pas directly from the IDE thus avoiding to execute any make from command line:

2. Run on Qemu ToroHello.img: 

I illustrated by using ToroHello, however, this also applies to all the tests. The changes are not still in master, instead I am working on the branch Fell free to clone and try. This only needs to install Lazarus 1.6.2 and FreePascal 3.0.0.


Toro on Github

Hi folks! I moved toro repository to github, i.e., I am trying to be more organized in the TODO work so fell free to check Projects and Issue sections. I am looking forward to more collaborative work!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Toro kernel compiled with FPC 3.0.0!

Hi folks! I just fixed system.pas to compile Toro by using FPC 3.0.0. Most of the work has been done on the way that system.pas handles AnsiStrings. In addition, I moved the project to github, so fell free to participate. I tested the tests examples and they seem working. However, I only tested on Win 10. I will test in Linux in the following days. 


Saturday, January 21, 2017

How compile and run Toro in Windows 10

Hi folks! This time I want to present how compile and run Toro in Windows 10. What am I going to explain? How to compile the example named ToroHello.pas and run it on a QEMU VM. In thw following, I explain this procedure in 7 steps. My environment is in a Windows 10 in a x86-64 architecture.

1) Install Git Bash for Windows:
I am using this as the command line to get the compilation on Windows. You can download it from

2) Install Yasm:
Yasm is the compilator for assembler code. This is needed to compile the bootloader. You can download it from

3) Install FPC 2.6.4:
FPC is used to compile the code of toro. For the moment toro is based on FPC 2.6.4. You can download it from

4) Install QEMU:
QEMU is used to run the application compiled into Toro. You can download it from

So far we have all the tools to compile and run ToroHello.pas. We need just to clone it and compile it.

5) Clone Toro code:
Go to the Git Bash for Windows and clone the toro code by doing:

git clone

6) Compile the bootloader and tools:
Before compile any application with Toro we have to compile the bootloader and the tools to generate an image for the VM. To do so, just run Make in toro-code/test directory.

7) Compile ToroHello.pas
To do this, we rely on the script named We have to run the following command in the toro-code/test directory:

./ ToroHello

That's all folks! If everything goes well you will get a QEMU VM running ToroHello.pas. Please fell free to comment if any of the steps did not work for you. Matias